We are looking for help in translating the Scripture Rosary DVD into as many languages as possible.  If you would like to help us translate the DVD into the language of your country. Email us at scripturerosary@gmail.com

1. If you were already given a DVD tell us if it works in the DVD player in your country.

2. Obtain permission from the bishops conference in your country to use their bible translation.

3. We will send you the scriptures we need to translate.

4. You send us the translation from your countries bible.

5. We make a youtube video of your Scripture Rosary in your language.

6. You proof it for grammar and length of time.

7. We burn copies in your language for final proofing.

8. You help us distribute the Scripture Rosary DVD in your country or we will do it for you.

Be a part of the Global Team to help families pray the Rosary in their language all over the world.

Every soul beautifies a community.

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Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary in Italian

How to become a part of the ecclesial team in your country

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Countries the Scripture Rosary DVD Went To: 

    Highlights of Video

0:15 minute mark     View from Monastery we stayed in Assisi
0:44                                    French youth sing national anthem in Bar and get Scripture Rosary                                               DVD’s and Miraculous Medals
3:11                                     Eucharistic Adoration in St Marys Krakow church is from 1226 AD
3:45                                     Fireman Trumpeter announces time of day
3:57                                     Youth Marching Streets
4:32                                     Pre Rally before youth go to Mercy Park

6:12                                     Youth in Square late at night                                               

9:12                                     Shrine to Our Lady under Bridge

10:30                                  Wawel Cathedral Krakow

10:40                                  Waiting for Pope outside Archbishop residence
10:56                                  Pope at Our Lady of the Angels in Assisi
15:15                                  Where we were sitting behind Pope Francis

17:12                                  Pope comes toward us

19:06                                  The End

1st Joyul Mystery in Polish

Pray the ROSARY NOVENA from DECEMBER 4-12  TO END ABORTION AND RESPECT LIFE through the intercession of  



'Sons of Thunder'

in Krakow and Assisi